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The Grey Wardens RuneScape Clan

We are a RuneScape 3 clan that welcomes new people and aims to provide great entertainment for the members!

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    Read Before Posting!

    Post by Weebobe on Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:23 pm

    Hello. You're obviously here because you need to report another clan members, we take these threads very serious and any miss use or joke reports will be given a warning!

    You could be reporting someone for many reasons for example, Making offensive comments to yourself or others, or breaking one of the few rules we have in the clan.

    When making a report we ask you give as much proof as you can this can be a video or a picture.

    To make it easier to understand what happened we ask you to use the correct format when reporting which will be in a spoiler below.


    Reason for reporting
    What you wish to be done

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