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    Rank Generals



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    Rank Generals

    Post by Weebobe on Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:18 pm

    This is just an idea that I had and want to know what you think! This does not mean it will be implemented.

    My idea:
    Once promoted to General you'll be given a rank which you will become the General of for example, "Recruit General" this general will be ranked leader of the group recruit on the forums as well as being in the group General as their primary.

    The General is in charge of their group 100% and if they do not think a member of the group is right for the position they're in the general has permission to demote this person to the rank below.
    This also works the other way, if the General thinks that the member is needing a promotion and the position is available they have the right to promote the member considering they have permission from that ranks general.

    Seeing that there is only 5 ranks not including general+ only 5 people will beable to be a General at one time.

    This is not how it will work if we start doing this but it will be a idea, vote on if you want this or not

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